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First Friday Art Stroll Showings - December 1st, 2017


Along with Christmas Village there is plenty to do and see for December’s Art Stroll this Friday.

Union Station will be having a special Holiday Fun Day on Dec. 1st.

Join Ogden’s Union Station Museums on Friday, Dec 1 from 5-8 pm, as they celebrate children’s games and play in Ogden during the 1920s. Visitors of all ages will take a walk down the Roaring Twenties games and toy memory lane with displays and crafts. Light holiday refreshments will be served. This event is free and open to the public.

We also have a brand new addition to the stroll this month. Plan to visit Kaffe Mercantile’s new downtown location for some delicious warm drinks and to view Christina Miller’s latest art installation.


Gallery Happenings—


Art Box --

 During this Friday’s Art Stroll, Art Box proudly presents the talented Zentangle work of Dana Middlebrook from Flagstaff, Arizona.  Zentangle Art is considered a meditative activity that can be very therapeutic and a tremendous stepping-stone to embracing ones own personal creativity.  Dana has been creating Zentangle for many years now however after a recent tragic personal loss, her pieces capture an inspirational appeal.  Stop in and meet Dana and share some light refreshments on this Friday’s Art Stroll.

Art Box is located at 215 Historic 25th Street.


Bella Muse –

 Bella Muse Gallery will be hosting a huge fundraiser the month of December. Opening night will be during December’s Art Stroll, December 1st, 2017 from 6pm-9pm. Paintings will be $101-$505. 100% of the galleries proceeds will be donated to non-profit Ogden Christmas Box House.

Bella Muse Gallery, 101 Historic 25th St., Ogden, UT  385-399-7969


Color Me Mine –

No information for December

Color Me Mine is located at 188 25th St, Ogden



A brand new addition to the Art Stroll will be featuring the talented Andrew Sato.  Stop in to see the art and new digs.

Cuppa is located at 552 East 25th Street. Visit their website:


The Eccles Community Art—

During December, the art  of four female artists, “Quartet D”Artistes Femmes” will be featured in the Main Gallery  of the Eccles Community Art Center, 2580 Jefferson Avenue, Ogden. The four artists include Heather Baron, Willamareie Huelskamp, Judith B Jones and Stephanie Saint Thomas.   In the Carriage House Gallery works from the Fourth Annual Petite Impressions Statewide Competition will be featured. A reception for the artists is scheduled in association with Ogden’s Art Stoll on Friday, December 1st from 5 to 8 p.m.

“I was doing photography when I came upon a piece of art, where I was so moved and inspired that it awakened in me a great passion to paint. I began my career with figurative works having a very rough edge with a heavy application of paint. My style has since developed into a more refined edge, less paint yet a depth found within the color, texture and mixed media collage not present in my earlier works.”  - Heather Barron, artist.

“My paintings come from my heart.  It would be easy for me to edit out all that is meaningful in my paintings by judging an inspiration as too sentimental, too complicated, or just plain crazy.  Wrestling with my inner voices, both angels and demons, I struggle to create a deeply personal visual language.

Painting affirms my love of the messy tactile world, the world of color and surfaces.  The paint becomes my micro-universe where I play with texture, rhythms of line and patterns of form, and more importantly the duality of creation and destruction.  I layered the paint and the collage to create real depth on the pictorial surface.  Primitive art inspires my work in its disregard for anatomical correctness and illusionary effects of perspective....”  - Willamarie Huelskamp, artist.

“My paintings and drawings express my interest in line and color.  I am fascinated by the rhythm and descriptive qualities of line, and love the emotional impact of color.”  - Judith B. Jones, artist.

“Art has been the diary of my life since the age of two.  It was also the mode of communication between my parents- who were both professional artists - and who encouraged my creativity above all else.  Art has been the interpretation of my life, and an escape into a dimension of fantasy where anything is possible.  The natural world provides an endless supply in inspiration, and I am drawn to express my emotions often on acrylic sheets where paint seems to float magically on the smooth surface, usually absent of traditional brushstrokes.  Layering some of my paintings with a lustrous topcoat brings a mysterious brilliance and depth to the surface.  The process of working with mixed media and keeping control of it , while also riding the waves to a destination unknown, infuses in me the deepest thrill in life - to create.”  - Stephanie Saint-Thomas, artist.

Patrick Poce, ECAC director, as curator of this exhibit felt that the strength and creativity of these artists would be well represented at the Eccles Community Art Center during the holiday season.  Their works filled with color.  The work will remain on exhibit through December 30, 2017.

The Petite Impressions Statewide Competition now in its fourth  year, is open statewide to resident Utah artist in all media except photography.  Works accepted for exhibit will be works of 8 inches or smaller.  ECAC staff, Debra Muller explains, “We were pleased with the past entries, the number of artists that participated and the quality of the work; that it is only natural to continue holding this competition.  It is a fun exhibit to view, study or purchase ~ art in miniature.”

Works accepted for this competition will continue on exhibit through January 27, 2018 unless purchased as the Carriage House is the art center’s sales gallery.

We invite you to visit the Eccles Community Art Center during December.  Main Gallery regular gallery hours are weekdays 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.  The Carriage House Gallery is staff by volunteers, regular hours are 10:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays and 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday. The Eccles Community Art Center will be closed for the holidays December 24 through 26, 2016 and December 31, through January 1, 2018.


Gallery 25-

Gallery 25 will feature a group show with the member and guest artists associated with Gallery 25. With art especially priced for Christmas gifting. John Burrows with be providing music on the sidewalk by our front door and refreshments will be available to the public

Gallery 25 is located at 268 25th Street.


Gallery at the Station, Union Station-

   Gallery at the Station will be introducing an exhibit titled: A Wall Of… This small invitational features 10 varying artists that will be given an accompanying 10 feet of gallery space to utilize as they wish. From oil paintings and ceramics, to wooden bowls and jewelry, this exhibit will display something everyone will enjoy.


Grounds for Coffee- 25th Street-

No information for December.


Grounds for Coffee on Harrison & 30th-

Will be featuring the talented Cameron Ross.


Jeffrey Favero Gallery-

Will be featuring Paul Twitchell’s Wildlife Art, Tyler Jensen Artwork and Earthmemo Flower Mandala Art along with Jeffrey Favero’s fine art photography.

Jeffrey Favero Gallery is located at: 3586 Brinker Ave. Ogden Utah.


Kaffe Mercantile Downtown location-

 Will be featuring new work by Christina Miller. Come see her Flowers to Wood  photo transfers to wood.

Christina’s creative philosophy is to find beauty in the mundane and unexpected. She’s been pursuing her passion for photography since 2008, and is excited to share her work. Christina’s style of photography tends to focus on details and not the big picture. She is obsessed with the unusual, trees, and flowers. Christina shoots with an iPhone, which forces her to focus on light and composition in her photography.

Kaffe Mercantile’s downtown location is located at: 2276 Washington Blvd. Suite 101, Ogden Utah


Myra Powell Gallery, Union Station-

 The Myra Powell Gallery  will continue displaying the photography of Christina Miller. Christina’s style of photography tends to focus on details and not the big picture. She is obsessed with the unusual, trees, and flowers.


Nurture the Creative Mind-

No info for December.


For December's First Friday Art Stroll, Ars Visualis (formally known as Whitespace)  and officeevolution are pleased to present an exhibition of original prints and works on paper by WSU’s Printmaking Community, entitled "Press On".

officeEvolution is located at 221 Historic 25th St. in downtown Ogden.

The exhibition will open with a reception for the artist on Friday, December 1st from 6-9pm, coinciding with Ogden City Arts' First Friday Art Stroll. The reception is free and open to the public.
The exhibition may also be viewed from 9am-5pm M-F through December 30th .

About the presenter:  Ars Visualis, formerly known as Whitespace, is a social enterprise that produces and produces events, programs, and exhibitions for the purpose of developing artist-audience relationships in north central Utah. 

Ogden First, Inc’s PANES-

Local artist Creelyssa Belnap’s PANES exhibition is continuing at 2444 Washington Blvd during First Friday Art Stroll.

This project is a reflection of my experience in Venice, Italy and the environmental issues Venice is facing, from littering to the wear and tear on the city. The trip left me wanting to explore more of the world, and learn about more cultures.

PANES is located at 2444 Washington Blvd.

Pandemonium Gifts & Gallery-

Merry Christmas from Pandemonium! This month we will be featuring new art by Shanna Stott. Shanna works with many different mediums such as watercolor, ballpoint pen and mixed media art journaling style. Shanna loves to showcase Unicorns and other fantasy creatures. We will have Shanna's work on display along with prints and even a coloring book!

We will have new Ogden work by Manuel & Shila which will make awesome Christmas gifts as well as some Christmas themed art by Steve Stone on display.

Wear your ugliest Christmas sweater/shirt/dress to be entered into a drawing for a unique prize!

Pandemonium is located at 155 Historic 25th Street.

Shaw Gallery at Weber State University-

Mary Elizabeth Dee Shaw Gallery at Weber State University will be opening the FALL BFA THESIS EXHIBITION. This show will run from December 1st through the 15th.  An opening reception will be held the evening of December 1st from 7-9pm.

Shaw gallery is located at: 3964 Campus Drive, Ogden Utah.

Shepherd Union Art Gallery-

The Shepherd Union is hosting a show titled: Wanderings: Experiences Abroad

 Wanderings: Experiences Abroad is a culmination of work from the WSU Study Abroad Art trip to Venice, Italy in Summer 2017. Sara Battista, Addison James, and Sheila Winterbottom, lived in the same house, walked the same streets, and saw the same shows, yet their translation of experiences are all completely different. This show highlights each individual’s perspective of the same common theme.

Opening 7 pm, December 1st, refreshments to be served

Location:   Shepherd Union Art Gallery near the Fireplace Lounge, 3910 W Campus Dr, Ogden, UT 84408

The Egyptian Theater Foundation-

No info for December


The Front Climbing Club-

The Front Climbing Club (Ogden, UT) will be hosting local artist Cam Mcleod.

Artist Statement & Invitation from Cam Mcleod:

I am an action sports and adventure lifestyle photographer. I have traveled to the far corners of the world seeking adventure and documenting these experiences. Much of my work is informed by my time growing up in the Midwest running barefoot along the sandy shores of Lake Michigan and now where the snowy slopes of the Wasatch Mountains are my playground. I am nostalgic and appreciate that cameras are tools for me to explore and communicate those emotions. I am driven by my own curiosity. I believe photography to be art and pursue my artistic vision with endless tenacity. In the end I deeply respect the artistic process and understand that as much as I try to define “It”, “It” more profoundly defines me.

The body of work to be presented is a fine art representation of my work over the past 5 years. Each print has been carefully selected, proofed, printed, matted and framed by myself. Each piece is a limited edition fine-art print of archival quality. Great care has been taken every step of the way to provide you with a thoughtful experience.

I hope to see you at my debut gallery showing.

hors d'oeuvres • drinks • climbing • art • DJ

Note: make sure to fill out a waiver here to save time:

See you there! The Front Climbing Club at 225 20th St.


The Local Artisan Collective-

During the December Art Stroll we are featuring work by Rene Venegas,Susan Snyder, Arina Ashby, Mindy Stevens Brown, Barbara Wesley, Joe Eilander, Stephanie Howerton, Pamela Val Kirkland, Al Perry, Earl J Talbot,Cody Wilkinson, Barb Crosbie, and Roxanne Vigos.

We will have some fun classes and demonstration happening during the Art Stroll also:
Rene Venegas from Galleon's Gold Jewelry will be doing copper ornament class from 6:00 to 7:00.

Barbara Wesley and Terry Wesley will be doing a quick introduction demo on stained glass, cutting, grinding, foiling and soldering glass cutting from 7:30 to 9:00.

Arina Ashby will be teaching crochet basics from 6:00 to 7:30.

Mindy Stevens Brown from Mindys Custom Vinyl will be doing Glitter Ornaments class from 7:45 to 9:00.

Susan Snyder will be doing painting demo's in her studio space.

Stephanie Howerton from Our Children's Earth will be making button rings as a demonstration.

Joe Eilander will be doing a wood burning demonstration.

Pamela Val Kirkland from 709 Photography and Design will be doing a demo a wire tree demonstration.


The Collective is located at 2371 Kiesel Ave, Ogden.


True North-

No info for December

TRUE NORTH is located at 175 25th Street.


Utah Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum-

  The Utah Cowboy And Western Museum will not hold an event during December but the museum will be open.


Wasatch Roasting Company-

 Wasatch Roasting Company is excited to feature the works of our December artist, Chase Burch and his project “Echoes of Light: A Memoir of Travel and People”

“The premise of this project was to document the experience of traveling in a van for 8-weeks throughout the Pacific Northwest, British Columbia, Alberta, and The Rocky Mountains. All photos were shot on an instant film camera, capturing the exposed moment(s) without any editing or enhancement. Each photo is one of a kind, and is mounted on a frame from the same hand-cut aspen tree.

Throughout the trip, portraits were taken of inspirational people met along the way. These individuals were asked to share one piece of advice or “words to live by” to accompany their portraits.

An e-book containing all 144 photos, portraits, quotes, and the written recollection of the trip is available for download at along with a video of the trip produced by Bryden Bowley.”

For the stroll, we will serve hot and cold drinks from our full espresso bar and our nitro cold brew taps. We'll also serve hot chocolates, teas, affogatos, nitro-floats, cheese/crackers, and non-coffee beverages.

Outside, in Origin-Alley Art Gallery, we will showcase new artwork from Rich Ramos, Nezak, Jaroh, and other local artists. We will provide outdoor seating in the alley as well as live music during the stroll performed by Kaden Ward of The Wednesday People!

Wasatch Roasting Company is located at 2436 Grant Ave.

Weber County Building-

a reminder that Ogdenwide intriguing #photography show, #UniqueOgden will once again be open for Ogden City Arts​' #FirstFriday #ArtStroll tomorrow night, from 6-9pm. Make sure to take a few moments to check it out!
#ogdenarts #ogdenisawesome

Weber County is located at: 2380 Washington Blvd.


*This is a small listing of the many different galleries whom participate in the stroll each month. There is much more to be enjoyed during the stroll. 

Printable map with locations for the Art Stroll